Why Career Development is Important to an Employee

Employees are now, more than ever, looking for career progression and development when going for a new job. But why is it so important?


Firstly, it increases employees’ productivity and engagement in the organisation. When people feel part of something bigger than themselves, they increase their effort, participation and cooperation. Additionally, if an employee is feeling supported in the workplace, they become more engaged and productive as a result.


Secondly, it increases the satisfaction rates of employees as it gives them something to look forward to, and as we all know, satisfied and motivated employees are likely to improve the quality of their work which benefits you as a business.


Thirdly, career development creates new opportunities for employees, meaning they’ll see more interest in working for you. Allowing employees to discover new interests within the company, means that job role gaps can be filled internally without the needing to let go of hard-working staff.


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