The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

Hiring for a job can be an extremely time-consuming task. With job adverts, at times, attracting hundreds of applications, many business owners and executives, lack the free hours to sift through the copious amounts of CV’s, covering letters and application forms to dig out the best candidates to interview.

Likewise, for those seeking a new role, trawling through job vacancies, tailoring their CV, writing cover letters, filling out application forms and attending interviews can be a full-time job in itself; a particularly difficult one to do well if already in a full-time position.

For both parties, enlisting the help of a recruitment agency can help relieve the pressure. Yes, we may be bias, but here are the facts to back us up.

Benefits to a hiring company
  • A (good) recruitment agency will have the resources and knowledge to target a wider reach of prospective candidates through their links with popular job boards, their existing pool of screened talent, and their ability to find and approach suitable passive candidates and persuade them to consider a role
  • They have a wealth of recruitment knowledge to help them write compelling job advertisements that will rank highly, and also help them quickly and effectively screen applications
  • They will save you A LOT of time by carrying out the lengthy task of filtering applicant CVs and carrying out initial interviews, so that you only have to see the whittled down list of genuine candidates who match all the criteria you are looking for and who are worthy of consideration for an interview
  • They will represent your company brand, and ensure candidates get an understanding of who you are and what you do as well as giving them a feel for your company culture – something which is making its way up job seekers priority ladder
  • They have significant job market insight, from salary and benefits benchmarks to candidates’ career expectations, which you can tap into when planning your recruitment strategy
Benefits to a job seeker
  • A recruitment agency will take the time to get to know you beyond your CV, and will give you an honest evaluation of your skills and experience to help you to get a better understanding of the number of job roles that they could be transferrable to, which can be a huge help for those job seekers who aren’t quite sure which direction they want to go in
  • They will discuss any suitable vacancies they are recruiting for with you, which provides you with more options without you having to put in the effort of finding them yourself; even better, they will send through your CV for you (with your consent)
  • They will help you perfect your CV, and will also champion you and highlight your less obvious qualities and competencies to a potential employer; increasing your chances of making it through to the interview stage
  • They will help prepare you for any interviews they secure for you, making sure you understand the company and job role, but also give you an idea of what to expect from the interview
  • Because they have a direct relationship with the employing companies they put you forward to, the recruitment agency will manage your application the whole way through, meaning that you have a much better overview of the status of your application
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