9 tips for having a stress-free holiday

Its nearly Christmas and you have therefore most likely have booked some annual leave! Although you’re probably looking forward to switching off from work in the back of your mind you're probably worrying if you have done everything to avoid leaving your colleagues struggling to pick up your workload.

To increase your chances of not being disturbed throughout your holiday there are a few things that you should do before you vacate the office!
  1. Make sure you do a proper hand-over! Do not be that person who goes on annual leave and doesn’t send a handover email. Make sure that you have briefed the relevant people in your team who will be picking up your workload! It is important that you make them aware of what you need done and of any on-going problems that will be outstanding.
  2. Be prepared! If you know you have annual leave booked, then make sure you prioritise any projects that need to be completed before you go on holiday! Leave the other tasks until you return from holiday.
  3. Talk to your team and clients – Find out who will be the most suitable person to take over certain aspects of your job whilst you are away.  It is also important to make your clients aware of who will be taking over your work in your absence.
  4. Try to tune out from work! We all need some down time and it is therefore key that you make your colleagues aware of when you will be available to return their calls and when you will not be. It is important to set this expectation before you go on holiday.
  5. Make sure you set an out of office! Make sure you state the dates you will be away and who they should contact in your absence!
  6. Before you return to work try and catch up with what has been going on! Try and reply to some emails and gain an understanding of what you need to do upon your return