Building Client Relationships

It is important to build good relationships with your clients and can be key to the strength and success of your business. Focusing on your existing clients as well as seeking new opportunities is vital because happy clients means repeat business, referrals and recommendations.




Without overwhelming the client with information, ensure that they are kept informed on the progress of a project and fully understand the plan. Take their concerns and ideas into account when brainstorming. Ensure that you acknowledge queries quickly, even if just to let the client know that you are working on their request or awaiting further information. Sometimes a phone call or a face to face meeting can be a better solution than an email in order to avoid any misunderstandings and show that you’re committed to them.




Regardless of how much stress or pressure you are under it is still important to remain calm and positive when communicating with your client. Your calm exterior will instill confidence and reassurance in your client. Showing enthusiasm can be infectious so share that with your client so they look forward to working with you.




Clients may not know much about your area of business so helping them to understand the process and what you are trying to achieve will help them feel more at ease and have more confidence in the job that you are doing. Empowering your client makes for a happier experience for them.  Understanding your client's industry a little better may help you to use language and jargon that they feel comfortable with. It may also help you to understand what their expectations are likely to be. 




Building trust with your client is crucial. If for any reason delays or increased costs become a likely outcome, then be very open and clear about this as soon as you find out. A client will appreciate your honesty rather than finding out later and feeling let down. If you lose the client's trust, you may face a breakdown in the relationship. They are much more likely to respect openness and honesty. Some problems will be out of your control, but they will appreciate you doing your very best to manage a project to meet their expectations.


What have we been up to?


In order to maintain our client relationships, we have paid a visit to one of our top clients. We went to their site yesterday to meet and greet their new staff, held meetings and interviews. In these meetings, we discussed hours and shift patterns, and our progress. Interviews involve sitting with their HR team and our candidates, discussing what opportunities are available and best suited. We also took a look around as it helps us better understand the requirements of their job positions.


Experiences like these allow us to assess our progress with both clients and their potential candidates and then ensure everyone is happy and feels heard. This builds our relationships and trust.