How to Answer What is Your Biggest Weakness

At KHM Recruitment, we understand that answering the dreaded ‘what is your biggest weakness?’ question makes people feel uncomfortable. Let’s be honest, who wants to talk about their flaws?!


But this is a question that almost certainly gets asked to see how you evaluate yourself and your potential. So here is how to answer it.


Firstly, remember to focus on the steps you are taking to improve on your weaknesses. For example, if your weakness was public speaking you could say…


‘Public speaking makes me feel uncomfortable. Though I know it isn’t needed as much in my role as XX, I feel it is an important skill to have, especially in times where I’d like to offer my opinion during a group meeting. To combat this I will…’.


An answer like this shows the hiring manager that you recognise your areas for growth and can act on them without being told to do so. 


Next, avoid mentioning weaknesses in skills that are important for the job. For example, don’t admit that you struggle with organisation if you are applying for an admin assistant role. Make sure to always check the skills required for the job, if you struggle in certain areas that are needed, the role might not be for you. 


As always, being prepared will put you in the best position. This question is more than likely to be asked in your interview, so prepare in advance. If you’re struggling to think of weaknesses ask yourself these questions: 

  • What weaknesses have I identified that I have worked to overcome? What classes have I taken or books have I read to improve a skill?
  • What have my managers noted in past performance reviews as areas where I had "room for improvement" and I improved?

Framing your weaknesses positively can be challenging, but you can quickly stand apart from other candidates when you combine self-awareness with an action plan. 


Remember, this question is an opportunity to show that you’ve got the right assets for the job, so don’t feel ashamed when speaking about your weaknesses. Everyone has them, we’re all human.


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