150 Miles for The MindEd Trust

Julie, our Director, and Alice, our Marketing Assistant, are taking on the challenge of walking 150 miles each in March for The MindEd Trust.
At KHM Recruitment we believe that mental health is a priority, especially in young people. That’s why we have chosen to raise money for The MindEd Trust because of the incredible work they do to prevent mental illness in young people aged 15 - 25 year olds by providing literacy programmes in all educational environments from primary school through to higher education.
The Trust was established following the tragic death of Edward Mallen in February 2015, an academically gifted teenager and talented pianist. He took his own life following the sudden and brutal onset of clinical depression in the weeks leading up to his death.
The Trust assists schools in developing programmes that are best suited to their needs and resources but this requires the support of fundraising and donations. To share just how important the funds raised are, here is a message from Steve Mallen, the Chair of The MindEd Trust:
“Mental illness, self-harm and suicide were all rising in the UK before the Covid pandemic, especially amongst young people.  Whilst the Government, health service, local authorities and charities had increasingly invested in assisting people in crisis, it had become very apparent that prevention is better than cure.  Most mental illness is progressive in nature and it is obviously clear that education and early intervention are better, both socially and economically, than waiting for people to reach crisis and seek help from an already over-burdened health system.  The MindEd Trust, alongside many other organisations throughout the country, was formulated to promote training, awareness and mental health literacy amongst young people, primarily via the school and higher education system. 
Over the past five years, The Trust has provided finance and support to approximately 40 primary, secondary, state and private schools, adding mental health to the curriculum, embedding wellbeing in the DNA of the organisation, whilst ensuring those young people experiencing difficulty are able to secure access to the timely and high quality support they need. Many recent surveys have highlighted the negative impact of the pandemic on the wellbeing of young people and it is very clear that challenging times lie ahead.  A recent report by Young Minds showed that 68% of young people expect the pandemic to have a long-term negative impact on their mental health.  Another survey by NHS Digital shows that 46% of people aged 17-22 with mental health problems have been unable to access care and treatment during the pandemic.  As the Covid crisis eases and the long-term impact of the pandemic become clear, The MindEd Trust will be seeking to continue to support those schools and colleges with which it is already engaged whilst also seeking to expand its operations to new schools and new areas, funds and resources permitting.”
To stay on track with the challenge we will be posting a weekly update of the miles covered by the girls on our social media platforms, so make sure to follow them!
Both Julie and Alice would truly appreciate any support and donations for this challenge: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/KHMRecruitment