The 5 Rs to follow when preparing for a FaceTime interview

Preparing for an interview is so important as this is the first impression the employer will have of you and this will determine whether they want to hire you. FaceTime interviews are no different to the real thing and should be treated the same way.
Whether it is through Skype, Microsoft Teams or even Whatsapp, video interviews are the new normal. These five tips will help you prepare for any future interviews you may have!
Do your research into the company you are interviewing with as they may ask you questions on this; it is always best to be clued up about the company you’re applying to work for. Do not just look into what the company does, look into other areas of the company such as the company dynamics, the management structure etc. This will give you a better understanding and may give you an idea of questions you might want to ask at the end of the interview.  

If you are nervous there is no harm grabbing a friend or family member to do a practice run with you. A mock interview before the real thing may help you pick up on something you might have missed or would like to include. Having a practice interview will help you make notes on what you would like to talk about during the real one.
Before your interview, make sure you have given yourself enough time to collect your thoughts and ensure you feel as calm as possible. You want to feel relaxed before the interview so you can prepare yourself for how you would like it to go. Remember that this is a new experience for most employers too so try not to let yourself get overwhelmed.
Make sure you have chosen the correct surrounding for your interview to take place, somewhere quiet and without distractions. Check that your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough and that the device you are using is set-up, positioned and ready to go. I would recommend downloading any apps or systems a day prior to the interview in case any issues occur. 
During your interview, refer to your CV and your past experiences. You want to use this information to explain to the employer why you are the best candidate for the role. When referring to a past situation which links to the question in hand, it shows the employer you have dealt with and overcome similar occurrences already.