Questions you should be asking your employee on their exit interview

Questions you should be asking your employee on their exit interview

When an employee hands in their notice the employer’s instinct naturally is to is automatically think of how this will affect the business and what steps they should take to find a replacement. However, primarily focusing on this change from this perspective can lead to missing the prime opportunity and improve things moving forwards.

If handled appropriately an exit interview can provide an honest overview of an employee’s thoughts on the company, management, culture and the role itself therefore leading you to make positive changes moving forwards. Ensure the candidate is told the conversation will be entirely confidential and that attendees are friendly faces as to not overwhelm the employee.

Consequently, they will be comfortable and you are more likely to gain an honest overview of their feedback.

Here’s a list of the things you could ask during the exit interview as well as requesting examples when appropriate:

  1. What was your least favourite aspect of your job with us?​​
  2. What is the most attractive factor of your new job?
  3. What was the catalyst for making you want to look for a new job?
  4. What advice would you pass onto your replacement?
  5. What could we have done as a business to keep you?
  6. Did you feel the level and quality of training you received here was adequate to allow you to do your job well?
  7. Do you feel you had adequate tools and resources to do your job well?
  8. Do you feel you had adequate support from management/colleagues to do your job well?
  9. What do you think we could change as a business to improve the culture for staff?