How to Ace the 6 Most Difficult Interview Questions

Interviews can be daunting, particularly when you are in the dark about what questions you are likely to be asked. With the help of Recruitment Grapevine, we’ve pinned down some frequent ‘stumbling block’ questions and how you can answer them confidently and effectively.

Why did you leave your last role?
Whilst the obvious answer would be to tell them everything that was wrong with your last position, this is far from being the answer that would impress your potential new employer. Instead, tell them that in actual fact it was a difficult decision for you to make, but one that was necessary in order for you to continue to grow in your career and develop your skill set.
>> Demonstrates ambition and that you don’t take serious decisions lightly

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
It’s tempting to answer this question with overambition, however it’s much more attractive to your interviewer for your response to be related to realistic goals. It would be particularly impressive to relate future goals to aspects related in the position you are interviewing for.

What salary are you expecting?
Do your research in advance of your interview- find out what other employees in the position/similar roles are earning and utilise this when disclosing your salary expectations. Glassdoor is good for this.

What is your biggest weakness?
Possibly the most difficult question to answer.. Best to not say that ‘you’re perfect in everyway’ instead think of something you would like to improve on at work and give an example of how you could do so.

How would your co-workers describe you?
It’s difficult to answer this one without sounding like you are bragging. However if you can utilise an honest reference from a boss or co-worker and expand on an example of why you think they said this that would be best.

Tell us about yourself..
This is an opportunity to build a rapport with your interviewer – be as honest and natural as possible, but be conscious not to waffle! A tip would be too share some personal goals that you have or have achieved.