Master the Art of Writing a Stellar CV

First impressions count, especially when it comes to your CV. Employers can receive dozens, sometimes even hundreds of applications for any one job they advertise for, and it is highly unlikely that any hiring Manager or even an Assistant has the time to do an in-depth review of each and every one. Research suggests that you have as little as just 6 seconds to persuade an employer to read on and the battle doesn’t stop there. It is probable that almost half (if not more) of the candidates applying for any given job will be perfectly suitable for the role.
It is therefore fair to say, if you want to be in with a shot of impressing in an interview, it is crucial that you master the art of writing a stellar CV that will make you stand out from the crowd. Lucky for you, CV’s are one of our many talents as a recruitment agency.
Here are our top tips for CV writing:
  • Aim for two pages of A4 paper. However, for those who are just starting out on their career path, a strong one-page CV is better than a two-page CV that has been padded out
  • Clearly state key personal details such as: your name, address, phone number, email address (making sure it is professional) and any professional social media presence
  • Ditch the photo and date of birth…we are in the day and age of equal opportunities
  • Avoid inconsistency; pick a voice, tense, simple format. readable font and stick with it
  • List your work history, education and qualifications in chronological order ensuring you include dates
  • Tweak your CV for each position you’re apply for, clearly outlining your relevant skills and highlighting the value you can bring to the company, using keywords which can be found in the job description. You must accurately showcase your suitability for the job
  • Don’t be afraid to showcase your accomplishments in previous roles
  • Check, double check and triple check to avoid sloppy errors; simple spelling and grammatical slips can scupper your chances