5 things that you should remove from your CV

Irrelevant job experience
Try to make your CV as clear and concise as possible. If you have jobs on your CV from 10 – 15 years ago, then it may be an idea to remove these from your CV (what you done as a part time job when you were at school may no longer be relevant). Your CV should be used to promote yourself to an employer and therefore you want it to focus on your experience that will help land you an interview.
Career objectives
Instead of your opening paragraph being about your objectives, you should replace it with a profile section. It should be obvious to the employer what your objectives are based on the position you’re applying for. Instead you can use the space for your work experience.
Information that could be used to discriminate against you
Avoid including information about your age, religion, marital status, gender or ethnicity. Try to also avoid including your photo, unless you have been asked to include it.

Your current work email address
You should use your personal email when applying for jobs. This is for two reasons, firstly it may raise thoughts to the employer surrounding your work ethic, as it may suggest that you’re applying for jobs on company time and your attitude towards your current job. Secondly, you run the risk of someone seeing an email about interviews or job offers.

Details about your personal life
Do not add information about your personal life. An employer doesn’t need to know if you’re married or how many children you have. This could affect your chances of being offered an interview when you did not need to disclose that information.