Hello Monday

It’s been quite the weekend.  Household chores, driving the kids around, visiting family, preparing for Christmas.. and now here we are.  The start of another week. It’s Monday morning and the day that so many of us seem to dread.    
In virtually any workplace however, Monday mornings are the most important part of the week. They set the pace and mood of the week to come.
So here we go with some tips to help you start your week in the right way.  It’s about time you started to embrace Monday and celebrate the start of a brand new week!
Start your day fresh and start it early
Try going to sleep early on a Sunday night so you can wake up refreshed and early on Monday morning. Rejuvenate your body and soul with a quick session of exercise and meditation. Make sure you eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast to help generate positive thoughts and give you the energy required to complete pending tasks.
Be happy (or 'look' happy!)
‘Dress to impress’ and remember to smile. If you don’t feel it, fake it! It’s important that you refuse to allow any negativity left over from the weekend show itself. 
Arrive early
Set off from home early to avoid traffic and parking hassles. Arriving early to work and arriving calm and relaxed, will give you the necessary time to prepare yourself for any upcoming meetings or tackle any unexpected news or issues that may crop up.
Organise your desk
If you didn’t have time to do it on Friday evening before leaving work, make sure you do it first thing on a Monday morning. Organise your files, your desk and your desktop. A clutter-free work place will help get you on the right track to managing your day.   
Scan your emails
Screen your inbox to check for urgent messages. Do not let the fun emails and inspirational quotes eat up valuable time. Organise your mail box by following the management mantra of “Do it, Dump it or Delegate it”. This will help you to be more organised.
Be polite
When replying to your emails, make sure they are friendly and to the point. If you are feeling busy and/or stressed out, make sure that it does not come across in your email. Your emails should always be polite and positive!
On a typical Monday morning there will be many things on the agenda ranging from meetings to calls and emails that will all call out for your attention. You have to set your priorities right to keep your day organised.
Say “no”
Your friends and colleagues will sometimes be looking for your time or needing to ask a favour. You must learn when it is necessary to say a polite “no” to allow yourself the time to focus on, and complete, your own workload. 
Take time to meet and greet your boss and colleagues
Pass your positive energy on to your co-workers. Greet them with a smile and take the time wish your colleagues a ‘good morning’. 
Don’t rush
Even though you may have what appears to be an endless ‘to do’ list first thing on Monday, make sure you approach each matter carefully. Rushing and risking making mistakes may cause bigger problems in the long run.  Pay attention to the tasks in front of you and give them enough attention and time.
It’s Monday.  It’s also a new day. A new week. And with it comes a new opportunity for something fantastic to happen!  Make it a good one.

Published by Julie Jones