How Important is the CV

Companies will review an average of 21 candidate CV’s before extending an offer for an accounting or finance role but some firms will review, on average 100 CV’s before making a job offer.
These facts highlight the importance many employers still place on traditional CV’s and candidates need to seek the advice of recruitment companies on how to sell themselves on paper and stand out in the face of fierce competition. 


Ten times more finance professionals look at the candidate’s skills and experience before they review the qualifications and education listed on CV’s so candidates should focus on showcasing their expertise if they want to stand out.
About a quarter of those recruiting accounting and finance professionals look at the average length of stay at each previous employer first.  Lots of short stays at multiple companies can be seen as a negative with many recruiters.
Job titles are incredibly relevant and can determine their perceived standing in the job market.  Candidates should not underestimate the importance of listing every role held within a company as it will give a clearer indication of how your career has progressed within that organisation.
Many people fail to put enough emphasis on detailing their achievements and if you want your CV to stand out, it’s important to be clear on how you contributed and where you added value in previous roles. 
KHM Recruitment is happy to provide all candidates that walk in their door with an honest appraisal of their CV, skills, salary expectations as well as current market conditions.  Providing career direction as necessary with suggestions on how to further develop already established skills is just part of the service offered because KHM believes it’s necessary if candidates are to matched with roles that suit them. 
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Published by Julie Jones