Valentines Day Career Advice

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and for those of you looking to embark on a new career path, the search for your new job is not so different from the search for your perfect partner.

Are you turning around in circles looking for jobs that seem tomatch your skill set or CV and coming up blank?  Is that perfect job you are seeking simply not out there?
When you are looking for that perfect person and your usual approach to dating has been unsuccessful, what do you do? You look elsewhere of course!  You develop new interests and hobbies, meet some new people you think might help with some new introductions or you change your local hang-out.  The same approach that you would use for dating can be applied to your job search by expanding your search to include other sectors, even other industries, that might be able to take advantage of your existing skills and perhaps offer an opportunity to develop new ones!

Pull out your CV, take a look at your skills and past experience and think about how they can fit in fields outside of those you have been putting all of your focus on.  You may be surprised by what you come up with and any prospective employer will surely see the new perspective on your job search as a positive.

When we go out on a date and it doesn't live up to our expectations, do we simply give up and vow to spend all of our future Saturday nights alone in front of the TV or do we brush ourselves off and embrace the 'plenty of fish in the sea' attitude and get back out out there?  Job hunting is no different.  Of course it is disappointing to have an unsuccessful interview but that doesn't necessarily mean that you are unsuited for that particular field.  Use every unsuccessful interview or placement as an opportunity to learn and to improve your interview technique and seek out other related positions with the knowledge that one of them will prove to be the right match for you.

At KHM Recruitment, we are committed to placing you in a role that perfectly suits your talents and your personality.  We can provide career direction with suggestions on how to develop your skills. Our trained consultants will offer an honest appraisal of your CV, skills, salary expectations and also the current market conditions.  KHM Recruitment specialises in finding the right roles for our candidates because we believe a company can only become truly great by hiring great people. 

Whether you are job hunting or dating, it is all about the perfect match so call the team at KHM Recruitment on 01763 248337 or send us an email at to find out how we can help you today.

It really is that simple..

Published by Julie Jones