How to Ensure Your Social Media Platforms are Employer Ready

We all have photos from a couple of years back at University or College that we really wish we could simply delete in one quick press of a button. But the laboriously long process of searching through the years of awful pictures we can't bear to see again and deleting each photo and post individually makes us want to hurl just as much. It may be easier to make a new account, but realistically you may be in a new position in your life with lots of contacts and new memories you wish to keep hold of 

When applying for a new role, one of the most important features of your first impression is no longer your physical appearance or just your CV. It is your online presence that can captivate a prospective employer and in one fail swoop could blemish your outstanding professional profile that will instantly be out of the running, from what seemed to you as a small insignificant wind up hacking from a friend that may have happened years ago, or a hungover photo of you asleep at a lecture, or your head stuck down a toilet.
These silly little irrespective parts of your life can be the one and only thing that ruins all the hard work put into studying for A Levels, Degrees and Courses to get you the dream job you so desperately wanted. An awesome new app that is perfect for sprucing up your profiles this New Year and removing any cobwebs left behind called 'Forget Me Do’ has just recently appeared online.
This app is all you need to regain control of your online privacy, and we love it. Even if you do, privately, want to keep hold of the images, say for sentimental value, you can keep a copy of your data by downloading your information. The app software tool helps you to destroy the link between your profile and the data that you no longer want anyone else to see.

Generally speaking it is also important to have your Social Media profile on a private setting, to stop any unwanted viewers peering in and to secure your information. You can then view your requests and decide appropriately who you would like to see your posts and updates.

Published by Jessica Smyth

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