UK Recruiters Reveal Most Challenging Roles to Fill

A new study from CV-Library, the UK’s largest job site, has revealed that despite a growing job market, 67.5% of recruitment professionals are still struggling to find the right candidates.
The research addressed over 700 of the UK’s leading recruiters (including agency and in-house professionals) to uncover which job roles pose the biggest challenge for today’s recruitment professionals:
Over a third (39.9%) of recruiters reveal that permanent roles are the most challenging to fill
Interesting, the least challenging jobs to recruiter for are paternity (3.3%) and maternity (11.5%) cover
When recruiters working in agencies were asked about the most challenging sectors, they revealed that Engineering tops the list as the toughest, while the Tourism & Leisure industry takes the title as easiest:
Almost half (49.9%) of agency recruiters admit that Engineering is the toughest sector to recruit for
Oil & Gas /Energy  roles come in second place as the most difficult sector to fill with 27.2% of recruitment professionals admitting difficulty
Recruiters reveal that Tourism & Leisure jobs are the easiest to recruit for – only 1.5% reveal concerns around finding candidates for these roles
In-house recruiters face similar challenges in trying to find talent, and reveal which department vacancies pose the biggest challenge:
Operations tops the list as the most challenging department when recruiting with almost half (49.1%) admit concerns
Management roles are second on the list, with 48.2% of in-house recruiters revealing challenges
Retail (5.5%), PR and Catering (7.3% each) jobs are revealed as the easiest to fill

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